Klaus Schmitt 水生

Born and raised in Germany, I have been living and working between two worlds for more than half of my life, China and the West. Living in these different realms means firstly having an attitude to apply different mindsets on how to adapt and connect to people with varying backgrounds, cultures, environment and above all divergent values. 

By now I train and coach people from all over the world to uplift their skills or bridge their gap from imagination to realization. 

My expertise lies in the areas of marketing, communication training, NLP practitioning, mindfulness and coaching. I am an ICF certified PCC coach, graduated at IECL (Institute for Executive Coaching and Leadership) in 2013 as Organizational Coach. 

The seminars I am conducting provide high-impact, relevant and specific content that give practical tools to the individuals developing confidence and skill. By using effective and powerful techniques, I can help you to create the life you desire. 

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Many thanks to my coaching colleague and good friend Vanessa Ehlers who created the idea of SinoWesternCoaching in 2013 to overcome cultural barriers in order to lead to greater business success. 
I am very happy to be able to bring this vision with her initial spirit into a new future with new opportunities.